Boogie Chat


Boogie Chat is a FREE XMPP/Jabber and Facebook chat client for iPad. With Boogie Chat you can join multiple chatrooms to talk with several of your friends or colleagues simultaneously.

The app supports both single user chat and multiple user chat rooms (MUC).

With Boogie Chat companies can connect to their own internal chat services. Many compatible Jabber servers are OpenSource and can be found freely from the internet allowing for a near zero cost private chat service.

The Boogie Chat iPad client is freely available on the App Store with an optional in-app purchase to permit multiple accounts and multiple chatrooms.




  • iPad optimized look and feel
  • Facebook chat with your Friends
  • XMPP/Jabber chat support
  • Talk to several people in chatrooms
  • Multiple server and multiple chatroom support

Technical look

  • Written in Objective-C
  • iPad & iOS 7 optimized
  • Core Data
  • XMPP library